Our logistics and development team is under the vanguard of ingenious hands and with a sense of belonging to offer the highest quality of production and distribution in each category of all our products.

Ceo, Founder

Katuri Radha Manohari

As the Founder and CEO of Thea Ojas, Katuri Radha Manohari has seamlessly woven her profound scientific expertise with a deep-seated passion for Ayurveda to redefine the wellness industry. Her academic and professional journey, enriched by a notable certification in Nano Technology and working with Indian nuclear scientists for years, has propelled her to pioneer the integration of Nano Technology, Plant Stem Cell Technology, and Plasma Technology into Ayurvedic wellness solutions. This innovative approach is not merely about enhancing product efficacy while upholding the purity of natural ingredients; it’s a profound exploration into how these advanced technologies can work at the cellular DNA level, echoing ancient Ayurvedic practices in a contemporary form. Radha’s discovery of the industry’s tendency to mislabel synthetic products as ‘natural’ ignited the inception of Thea Ojas, a brand that stands as a bastion for authenticity, offering 100% natural products developed in harmony with farmers and indigenous workers, free from urea and pesticides. Her vision transcends product creation, championing authenticity, and transparency to educate and galvanize a community around the true principles of Ayurveda, thereby nurturing a legacy of wellness that harmonizes tradition with cutting-edge science.

Co-founder, Managing Director

Shabd Kumar Gautam

Shabd Kumar Gautam, a dynamic Co-Founder & Managing Director of our team, boasts a rich heritage rooted in the defense sector, with his father serving in the Indian Air Force. An alumnus of prestigious institutions in Bangalore and across India, Shabd's expertise in management and finance is unparalleled. His career is a testament to building strategic partnerships, spearheading innovative initiatives, and steering the company toward long-term sustainability. With a keen eye for optimizing operations and a versatile problem-solving prowess, Shabd has significantly contributed to our manufacturing excellence and customer service, ensuring our company's continuous growth and efficiency.

Nanotechnology Expert

Mr. Vignesh Nagarajan

Mr. Vignesh Nagarajan, a distinguished Nanotechnology expert, significantly contributes to our team with his extensive knowledge and innovative leadership. Known for his strategic insights and dedication to excellence, he has a proven track record of fostering strategic partnerships and leading groundbreaking initiatives. Vignesh's visionary approach and ability to navigate industry shifts have been key to our continuous growth and operational efficiency, marking him as an invaluable asset in our pursuit of innovation and excellence.

Project Manager

Leo Sam James

Leo Sam James integrates his extensive nanotechnology expertise into skincare and haircare innovations. He is pivotal in applying this sophisticated science to enhance natural product formulas, ensuring deep penetration and efficacy. Leo’s dedication and innovative mindset are key in blending time-honored Ayurvedic practices with contemporary scientific advancements, leading to transformative beauty solutions.

Rasashastra Specialist

Dr.Ramakiran BAMS, MD(Ayu), PGCKS

As an illustrious Ayurveda Physician and Pharmaceutical expert, Dr. Ramakiran pursued their BAMS at The Art of Living International Center's Ayurveda College and furthered their mastery with an M.D. in Rasashastra and Bhaishajya Kalpana from RGUHS, Bangalore. Their academic brilliance was recognized with university ranks in both their undergraduate and postgraduate studies. As the visionary Founder and Chief Ayurveda Consultant at Sudhaa Bharanee Ayurveda Panchakarma in Puttur, they also pioneered SB botanicals, focusing on organic Ayurvedic raw herbs farming. Beyond, they enrich students globally as a professor of Ayurveda in distant learning at IHU, Florida.

Panchakarma Specialist

Dr. Ishwarakeerthi, BAMS, MD Ayu

Dr. Ishwarakeerthi stands as a beacon of holistic wellness, guiding individuals through the transformative journey of Ayurveda. With a solid foundation in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) and an advanced specialization in Panchakarma from his Master's Degree in Ayurveda (MD Ayu), he embodies the essence of therapeutic healing. His academic excellence is paralleled by his practical prowess, honed through a year of intensive clinical training. This blend of knowledge and experience makes him an invaluable mentor in the path to natural well-being.


Sai Kumar

SaiKumar, a dedicated Biotechnologist at Thea Ojas, leverages his profound understanding of biotechnology to innovate in the realm of skincare and haircare, ensuring products are both effective and deeply nurturing.



Aishwarya brings her biotechnological expertise to Thea Ojas, focusing on harnessing biological processes to develop skincare solutions that promote health and vitality from within.



Akshitha, Thea Ojas’s Biochemist, applies her knowledge of chemical processes within living organisms to create skincare and haircare formulas that support natural beauty and wellness at the molecular level.